Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Post in Which I Chuck Up

So on Tuesday I woke up at something like 6:30 in the AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. The light was everywhere, oh so bright. Screamin' through my morning window. Billowin' through my blinds. And consuming my sleepy eyes. I seriously felt like it was eating my eyeballs. When I stumbled off to the bathroom, I was very dizzy. So I stumbled back to bed and coddled my head for another hour, pillow on top of my head.

Well when my Alarm went off I got up out of bed, got on my pants, and immediately got down in front of the toilet and Hwauuuuuuuuuugh! Food poisoning? Gastro-something-medical sounding? Does it really matter? The point is Auuuuuuugh! So I empty my stomach and then practiced emptying it some more. After that I go back to my room and collapsed some more. At this point, I realize I should call my internship and tell them I ain’t coming.

Because I am a derpface, my brain assumes this means I should text Bruce. He’s just like “Tell your gorram internship, not me” and I’m all “Ohhhhhhh, you are the most insightful human being I’ve ever met! I will do this thing you have told me to do!”

I am totally foshotally a high-functioning tired/sick person. I couldn’t quite manage talking, so I texted Fr Nabil that I am sick-sick-sick. I was not sure whether he did texting or not, but at the time it wasn’t really a huge concern for me.

The thing is by 11:00 I was feeling arright and so I started just relaxing. By 12:00 I could sit up in bed. By 1:00 I could walk. So at 2:00 I went on a run. Basically the worst decision ever, right? Usually. But. This time, I dodged the bullet and BAM(!) suddenly felt amazing. Up and at ‘em in time for Arabic.

Oh Arabic. Love the class. It has made me realize I have a problem though.

I never drank coffee before coming here. It’s bitter and generally bad-tasting, right? Well I get here, and several times I’m offered Arabic or Turkish coffee. I want to be sociable. I want to try new things. So I try it, overloaded with sugar, of course. It’s basically melted mocha ice-cream by the time I tamper with it. Prollem is I like melted mocha ice-cream.

And there’s coffee everywhere. It was at the hotel. It’s at my internship. It’s at Arabic. And if I’m not stopped, I do things like drink nine cups.

Small cups though. So it’s okay, right?

Oh, compulsion.

At Arabic I invented a personal greeting.

The basic form for saying good morning and all that is sabaH el-_____. Good morning = sabaH el-kheir. The response is sabaH an-noor = have a morning full of light. Or sabaH el-werrd = have a morning of flowers. Or sabaH el- 3asl = have a morning full of honey. Well, I wish people I really really like sabaH ash-shawaarma = have a morning full of shawaarma. Shawaarma is the delicious, delicious shaved lamb meat that’s a lot like donner-kebap. It is amazing. Best street food. Ever.

And really-truly, sabaH ash-shawaarma is the best kind of morning I can with anybody. So I say to you masaH ash-shawaarma = may your evening be full of shawaarma

Yesterday was fairly swell. I had class at 10:30, which meant I got to sleep ‘til 9:30. Sleeping in, after the food, is indisputably the most glorious part of Jordan. Just as getting up for my internship in the morning is the hardest part, and is infinitely more difficult then either the language barrier or getting money for cabs. In class we talked about economic history. Oh history, so happy.

After class I went to Books@Cafe the cybercafé/bookstore with Anna and Simon. I like Anna and Simon, so this is cool. Anna had to leave before too long, but me and Simon hung out for a while and ate a giant Barbeque Chicken Calzone between us. He regaled me with stories of his freshman year, terrible roommates, and plotting the utter destruction of mirrors, replete with the lamentation of the mirror-women. He’s a gorram amazing story teller. I want him to write a book just about crazy things that happen to him and the way he lives his life. I’d buy that book so-so-so fast. He’s good people.

After that I came home and then I tried to walk to the Safeway. I succeeded, but Safeway is just sort of this big cube-shaped building. When I got there, the entrance I found was dark and locked, so I assumed it was closed. It was, of course, actually open but there were no fracking signs. No signs anywhere. Later I found out that the door I found was apparently to a lawyer’s office. Why is a lawyer’s office in the Safeway building?

Jordan confuses me. Jordan, among other things.

One more double-day post, and I will be caught up. More to come!

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  1. Hahahaha, oh poodle! I wish I could have been there to hold back your hair!
    I think it's hilarious that you went for a run. Weirdo.
    Love you!