Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anna Pointed Out That I Could Put Pictures In Here

Yesserday, Jerash.

Today, dust storm gave the city a fade distance like in the computer game, Morrowind. Meaning that hundred feet out everything was covered over by a tan fog, and a few hundred feet out the world was just that shade of tan. It looked like

Jerash was pretty cool. We got out and wandered over an entire city like mountain goats, wandering up trails and over walls, and chattering and eating all of Rhea’s bag of Bugles. Sun was good.


So I was wrong about some of the things I had picked up about the protests and pseudo-revolutionary status of Jordan. The overall sentiments and disposition of the nation is about the same. People want the monarchy, just a monarchy under a constitution.

People are demanding real and meaningful democratizing reform. And if the Monarchy doesn’t accept it, they will lose.

But the violence in the protests was not between the police and the protestors. It was between the protestors and counter-protestors with vested interests and family in the current government and hierarchy. The counter protestors were mostly young, and though there were a few police present during the attack they stood by and stayed out of it. Before the incident police presence at protests was shrinking, ostensibly because the protests were all so orderly and civilized. Eight people were injured in the fighting, some on either side.

So there’s an official government investigation into the incident, however much that means is something for you to speculate on and not me. Apparently the government is also pushing a reform to allow protesters to assemble without needing government permission. But police have increased the number of policemen at protests, with orders to intervene between any clashing groups.

Or that’s what I’ve heard anyway.

More to come. Keep a’readin’.

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