Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Short Post Involving Christchurch and the Arab World

While wishing the JICRC was a busy enough organization for me to be doing actual work and getting more experience I read a lot of things on Google news. Last night there was a big and deadly earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. This is where lots of ‘Hamites including Ed are. I was very worried until I got on Facebook. On my news feed were Caitlin (Ed’s girlfriend)’s status telling me that Ed was okay, Tristan’s status telling me the rest of the Earlhamites present were also alright, and significant amounts of relief for Bill.

Honestly though, I’d have thought that if there was going to be one program whose city would fall apart it would be the program right in the middle of the revolution-covered Arab world.

Speaking of revolutions, I just found out today that there’s apparently also revolutions happening in Gabon and Cote D’Ivoire. I didn’t know about them, but they are kind of fascinating. Yesterday Ghada informed us that there were also sizeable demonstrations in Morocco and Syria, meaning that apart from Saudi Arabia and possibly Oman the whole Arab world is up in revolt. Alright, I guess Jordan isn’t in revolt. But there is a struggle between the reformers and those in power about just where the line of Royal Executive power is going to lie.
I have to hope revolution spreads to Saudi Arabia though. It’s a bad situation over there, even if we do like their oil.

I think these next two weeks may be the hump-weeks of the program. Once we get over them it’s spring break, and then we’re past halfway and headin’ home.

I can’t wait.

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