Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Post Wherein I Hate On Wi-Tribe

Oh dear God.
I have been neglecting this blog something terrible. I think it might be dead. I think it might require a lil resurrection.
Well. Arise, you blog! Arise and breathe once again!

Then why has this blog been comatose these recent days? Well for the latter half it is entirely down to me. Since Sunday night I should have been posting. But alas, personal circumstances have just made that too difficult for it to have been worth it. You know how it can be. Things happen and you lack motivation to write. It’s life. Maybe it’s like your life, for sure it’s like a decent number of peoples’.

But before Sunday, why did I not post?

Wi-Tribe. Damn Wi-Tribe. What has to be the most useless Internet Service Provider since the invention of ISPs.

It is atrocious. Here’s how it’s set up.

In every home that Wi-Tribe services, there is a wireless router. It is pretty standard, you hook your computer up to it like you hook your computer up to any wireless network. That router, however, is hooked up to another wireless transmitter. That is supposed to connect to either a) satellites, or b) similar equipment, but somewhere on the ground in Amman. It is supposed to connect.

Well apparently there are rush hours in internet use, or something. Starting at about six PM every day, increasing as more people come home, and reaching maximum at about nine, there is a traffic jam. Maybe that is not what it actually is, but it acts like a traffic jam.

It starts by slowing down, is becomes slow until it can only creep along at about the same loading speed you got in the days of dial up. Then frequently, it just stops. The internet in this city just gives up. It stays like that, maybe for an hour, maybe for longer. Usually by midnight, it is starting to work again. And on a few randomly scattered days it works and it works decently from about 9:45 onwards.

Ha. It’s rare.

Sometimes the router will reset itself, so your computer has to go through the several-minutes long process of setting itself back up. And then you have to go through the Wi-Tribe login pages all over again.

And sometimes the internet pulls what it pulled last Thursday night. Most of the group went out, myself included to the Australian Embassy party. They thought it was for St. Patrick’s Day. But really it was for Leila’s Birthday. It was interesting. In the aftermath there was chicken everywhere.

And when we came back there was no internet. There was no internet until Saturday.

After several resets and a solid day of frustration, the internet resumed existence. It was slow. It was the slowest. It creeped and it crawled and it died and came back for seven second spurts.

Slowly it regained speed. Until the router reset itself. But wait. Wait. Eventually

It came back. And it’s stayed usable almost consistently since then.

Sometimes I hate this city and everything in it. And especially the internet.

Stay tuned. More to follow. I’ll teach you how to write soon.

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  1. So good to hear from you and know you are OK -- only frustrated. I'm sorry about the stupid internet service, and I'm looking forward to learning about Arabic, but don't forget you have only told us about two days of Spring Break, which we loved, but alas, there are at least four more days to go -- please!! All is beautiful here in NC, except we miss you. Love you, Grandma