Monday, March 28, 2011


Today I have an essay on graffiti across the city due. Wednesday, I have an essay on Mohammad Ali due. Not the Boxer, the leader of the Egyptian revolt against the Ottomans in the early 1800's, and subsequent Monarch. I am therefore declaring myself too busy for a real blog post today. But I will update you about the situation I described in the last post.

Since last I posted, it has been generally disproved among the public's perception that the second death at the protests happened. The first one for sure did. But the government's been making the case that it was a heart attack and not violence.

The family of the dead man did not accept the government's word. Apparently he was attacked, and his body shows bruises. So they paid an independent agency to perform an independent autopsy. The results came out that he indeed died of a heart attack. So that is being widely accepted

The use of fire hoses was a move by the regular police, who were present initially at the demonstration and counter-demonstration. They at first used to hoses against everyone, in a way to force separation between the two antagonistic crowds.

But violence broke out anyhow. Young pro-government men attacked the protesters, and the riot police came in. They apparently attacked the place where the violence was happening, and then continued pressing against the anti-government protesters. One of the people on the program has heard stories that the riot police and the counter-protesters sang a song together after the protests were dispersed.

Since then there have been signs of support for the king everywhere. On many of the cars there are Jordanian flags with the pro-government phrase "Jordan First" superimposed on them. People have put up more pictures of the King. There is a big chunk, I don't know whether it is a majority or not, who vehemently and genuinely support the King.


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  1. Thanks so much, Bill, for the update. We will continue to pray, but it sounds pretty good so far, and we join you in hoping the best for Jordan - and for you and your Earlham group in particular. All is well here.
    Love, G & G