Thursday, April 14, 2011


These are pretty trying times in Amman, difficult things become more difficult. And now that coming back to America is becoming imminent, it no longer has the tremendous attraction it used to have. I been wanting in the updating of this blog, and I'm about to add to that some more.

At four o'clock this afternoon we Earlhamites are meeting at Seventh Circle and trundling into some cars and driving on up to Ajluun. It's apparently a lush high place with a very Mediterranean climate. There's green everwhere, it snows in the winter months, and they say the mountains are stunning. We're going to be staying up there. We'll be staying in cabins and bumming around the campfire. We got hikes and lecturers lined up. We're gonna see the castle, and the panoramic view of Galilee and the Golan Heights. It will, I think, be great.

But there'll be no internet. So, y'know, no more posts 'til Saturday night.

See y'all.

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